Wall / Floor Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is suitable for all heavy traffic areas. The majority of vinyl floors have a PUR finish.  The significant difference is that a PUR finish will provide a seal-free flooring solution which leads to superior cleaning benefits, life-cycle maintenance savings and helps to preserve the high-quality appearance of the floor.

Wood Effect Vinyl

This product is ideal where an alternative to wood or laminate is required. With a vast array of realistic wood patterns and colours available, this product is both hard wearing and low maintenance. Where necessary, this product can be in a slip resistant finish, giving a wood effect look with the safety of a non-slip floor.

Wood Vinyl Effect

Non-slip Vinyl

Slip resistant safety vinyl is a modern solution which meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene requirements. Non-slip vinyl remains slip resistant even when wet and has an impervious surface. Available in a range of colour and slip-resistant rating options. This product can be laid flat or coved up the walls.

Wall Vinyl

This product is recommended in commercial kitchens, clean rooms, laboratories, wash rooms etc. It is a more effective option to ceramics as there are no grout lines that can discolour and harbour bacteria. All joints are heat welded, creating a seamless and smooth finish on the walls.


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